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Ok! Where to start...
Meg, Rox, and I were talking about going to the shore and we decided that we're grabbing the men and going this weekend. We need it! Meg, Chris, JJ, and I along with John having been going to a lot of protests and handing out fliers around the clock and JJ has been working a lot of hours and still going to the protests with us. Plus, Meg is still doing some dancing on American Bandstand. Rox is still dancing too and doing hair for the show.

Anyways, we need this weekend to relax and have some fun, fun, fun in the sun. Even, Mrs. Pryor agrees because she sees that were being worn down. So, she agreed to watch John for the weekend. JJ and I talked about going back the weekend after with John! It'll be GREAT! :)

I have to go and get dinner started! Peace and ♥!
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