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Well, at another protest with Meg, Chris and John, and JJ is with us now. It's great!

The last protest he went to with us, the crowd found out he was a Marine and he served over in Vietnam. He ended up getting up on a brick wall and spoke about what he saw. I impacted so many people at the protest and people just passing by who heard what he was saying. It's amazing now that Chris and JJ are getting along, but JJ is still mad about Chris taking Meg to California and not contacting anybody and so on. Anyways, that protest went smoothly up until the cops showed up. We were peaceful...and they tried to start a riot. One cop yelled at me saying I was a bad mother for taking my baby to a protest, then JJ got up in his face and said, "Excuse me. What did you say to my wife?". The cop repeated what he said and JJ said, "We are just exercising our right to a peaceful assembly, and teaching our child at a young age about the freedoms we have here, up until you and your fellow officers came to pick a riot." The cop shut up and stepped back. JJ didn't take a swing or anything physical. The cops just watched until people started to leave then they left.

I have to go. Need to make a food/drink's hot out. Peace and ♥!
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