music_meg (music_meg) wrote in back_2_the_60s,

Gosh has it been a long time since i've updated.....

So much has happened that I really don't even know where to start. Basically I'm home (well Philadelphia at least) and safe. JJ, Beth and Rox came and found me and chris and brought us back. My parents were pretty mad, but they were also really happy to see me. I thought Mrs. Pierce was gonna faint she was so excited to see Chris.

We've been participating in protests and its quite exciting. I just think its important that our voices are heard, and protesting seems to be the way to that. Beth brings John III along and its soo cute. He's such a happy baby, and makes me so happy that I came home to see him grow up.

I'm living with Luke and Roxanne and don't really want to go home. I love my family...but there was more to going to California than just avoiding the draft. I wanted to start a life of my own. I'm not quite there..but not living with my parents is a start. I'm going to be 18 soon and that mean independence, and leaving bandstand. I'm dreading that day, but its fast approaching for both me and Rox. She'll still be there though, seeing as her hair business is taking off and bandstand has HIRED HER!!!

I still need to stop by college and make sure everything is all set for this fall. Its so exciting to think that I will be a college girl. Lets just hope I don't meet any more Drews. I'm pretty happy with my Chris...even though he is somewhat of an escaped convict.

He's gonna leave again though. I'm not sure where he'll go, or if he'll tell me where he's going, but he will leave eventually. I know him and I know that there is no way he will stick around or get sent of to vietnam.
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