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This is Our Generation

The First American RPG
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Welcome to back_2_the_60s! This is a RPG(role playing game/community) for the NBC tv show American Dreams.

Inorder to be apart of the community you need to submit the application form which you can find below. I will review your submission and decide whether or not I feel you have a good sense of the character you will be portraying. I (Kaitlyn Rose) will be playing Roxanne Bojarski. There are many characters open that will be listed below. I suggest you check the list of available characters before applying. Before you submit your aplication be sure to read the rules!

1. Choose characters that are on the show. They could be a guest star but make sure that they are know well enough to make into an actual character.
2. Stick to the plot
3. Make sure you have watched American Dreams for at least a season(so you have a good idea have what is going on.)
4. Be respectful. If your character is supposed to mouth off to someone they may but when ooc make sure to me respectful of what others say.
5. Only the moderators will choose who is accepted into the community. Other members may post but the moderators can altimately over rule them.
6. You must post your application within 48 hours of joining otherwise you will be removed.
7. When asked in application if you read the rules write, I sure did cause this is my generation!


We are going to start were the show ended this season. Chris and Meg have just left for California to go into hiding and Roxanne has been left there with Luke to attend to her new hair dressing buisness in Lukes record store. Will Meg ever come back? If she does will her parents take her back in? These questions and many more will be answered her. What do you think will happen next?

Available Characters

JJ Pryor
Will Pryor
Pete Pryor
Jack Pryor
Luke Foley
Henry Walker
Sam Walker
Nathan Walker
Angela Walker
Chris Pierce
Shelly Pierce

Taken Characters

Roxanne Bojarski
Meg Pryor
Patty Pryor
Beth Mason
Helen Pryor

Real Name:
Character Name:
Why do you think you'll be good as this character?:
How long have you been watching AD?:
Who is your favorite character?
Why?(quick litle explanation):
How did you find out about this community?
Did you read the rules?:
Livejournal username for this character?:
Sample Entry (must be at least a paragraph long):

So I hope to see as many as possible fill out applications and join the community! Remeber: This is our Generation!