Cat (ang3lik_dem0n) wrote in back_2_the_60s,

They came back two hours ago. It was really great. They walked through the door and everyone practically pounced on Meg, even Patty and Jack. Henry was able to make it to dinner after all. His plans finished early, so he decided to come. Meg really loved the banner; she was all "oh gosh, that was really nice of you."

Roxanne and Meg were really happy they were allowed to come back on Bandstand. They were even dancing. Pete came for dinner too. He is really happy that his niece is back. He isnt too happy with Chris, though. I dont blame him.

Sam and Meg are talking, even though she left without any contact. He's letting bygones be bygones which is a good thing. Meg is really happy to be starting college after the summer's over. She told me how "she was going to miss out," and how "she wouldnt be able to register at colleges in Berkeley." She doesnt know what courses she's going to take yet, but we'll all support her.

A little after dinner Luke and Roxanne drove Meg back to their house. I apologised to her saying that I was sorry that it had to be this way for awhile. She was fine with it. She said, "as long as I can come over for dinner at least every night, I'm happy."


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