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We've been to so many protests since I've been back that its good to know I can still be active in the anti-war movement.

But otherwise our lives have been pretty boring, and i'm looking for a little excitment. No one has planned a shore trip yet...but I think one is needed. Things have been really crazy around here and everything seems to be calming down. While it would be fun to take a trip with the entire family...I'm thinkng just me, rox, luke, chris, beth, and jj for an over-night. A couples thing! How much fun would that be?!?!?! I have to discuss it with everyone seeing as money is tight for everyone except Luke and Rox who seem to have more money than imaginable between not having to pay rent, running the viynal croc. and rox's hair business. but I could use a break from protesting and before college.

Chris will be gone soon too, but I'm not sure when or where. He's mentioned Canada quite a few times and I wouldn't be suprised if thats where he dissappeared too. I don't think he'd ask me to leave this time though. He knows that while I was out in Berkley I loved being with him but hated being without my family and friends.

I'm off for a quick record swap with Sam and then back here so JJ and beth can drop off my favorite little nephew so I can watch him while his parents go to a movie and get some much needed alone time!
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